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Attendance Office:

64 Keystone Drive,  Mill Hall, PA 17751



(570) 893-4900 ext. 4508



Attendance Information

Students are permitted 10 excused absences (outlined in the student handbook) verified by a parent note/email per school year. This includes sick days. (verified by a parent note/email)

The parent note/email must be received within 3 school days of the student’s return to school. This is State Law and we have the duty to enforce that law. This also goes along with medical excuses.

After the 10 parent note excuses, a letter will be sent home requiring all future absences to be verified by a doctor’s note.

Parents will be sent letters notifying them when their child has 3 or more unlawful absences. After the 3rd unlawful absence a School Attendance Improvement Plan will be developed by a team consisting of certain school staff members, your child and you to develop actions to improve attendance. At 6 unlawful absences a prosecution may be filed before the Magisterial District Judge.